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Heading south from Tours on the Autoroute de l'Aquitaine, you'd hardly be tempted by the cluster of towers and office blocks rising from the plain, which is all you see of POITIERS. But approach more closely and things look very different. Sitting on a hilltop overlooking two rivers, Poitiers is a country town with a unique charm that comes from a long and sometimes influential history – as the seat of the dukes of Aquitaine, for instance – discernible in the winding lines of the streets and the breadth of civic, domestic and ecclesiastical architectural fashions represented in its buildings. Its pedestrian precincts, restaurants and pavement cafés – and some wonderful central gardens – make for comfortable sightseeing. When search for a Poitiers hotel, have a look at this website.

Pages in section ‘Poitiers’: The Town, Arrival, information and accommodation, Eating and drinking, Church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande, Cathedral and around, Parc de Blossac and St-Hilaire, Around Poitiers.

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